At DAFA, we value having an inclusive and diverse workplace


Diversity enhances innovative thinking

At DAFA, we value having an inclusive and diverse workplace for several reasons. One major reason is that we take responsibility for our colleagues and their well-being. Another reason is that diversity enhances innovative thinking and problem solving, enabling us to develop new solutions and improve existing ones.

Diversity at DAFA means having an inclusive workforce in terms of, for instance, age, gender, race, and work experience. We are proud to be an intergenerational company with 35% of our colleagues above the age of 50 and 11% below the age of 25 at our headquarters in 2021. We take responsibility for getting young candidates into their first position and for hiring seniors, so they continuously are part of a dynamic labor market. We value the fresh insights from our newly educated as well as those who come with a long professional career and industry experience.

Inclusion at DAFA means fostering an organizational culture where our colleagues feel valued, respected, and supported.

One way that we work towards this is by offering various types of activities and social events for our colleagues in order to facilitate good workplace relationships. Another way is to continually conduct employee engagement surveys to detect and handle areas of improvement. In turn, we hope that activities like these will make our colleagues see DAFA as a great place to work, which is reflected in our goal of minimum 30 Employee Net Promoter Score. We also believe it will positively impact our goals of having max 4% sick leave and max 10% employee turnover at our headquarters.

DAFA is proud to have a workforce of 320+ talented colleagues worldwide, where each contributes with their unique experiences and perspectives. A diverse range of perspectives increases company intelligence and innovative thinking, enabling us to make better decisions. In turn, this will further enhance DAFA’s continuous development and growth, making diversity a key competitive factor.



“I believe that our organizational culture, where we continuously learn and grow with our customers, is one of the key reasons people love working for DAFA and have done that for years. It is for sure why I think DAFA is a great place to work.”

– Line Holt Wilgaard, Head of People & Culture

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Diversity enhances innovative thinking and problem solving

We value having an inclusive work environment

Sustainability goal

We aim for a 30 eNPS score in DAFA's yearly employee engagement survey

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