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Recyclable and safe anchor bolt protection for the tower foundation of wind turbines

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Recyclable and safe anchor bolt protection for the tower foundation of wind turbines


At DAFA, we are passionate about offering innovative and sustainable solutions which seal, absorb, and protect. In our pursuit of constantly becoming better, we develop new solutions and improve existing ones.

Therefore, when a customer requested a new version of our anchor bolt protection solution, it was a natural decision for us to make a thorough analysis of optimization potentials that could lower the environmental impact. This resulted in a solution with better product quality, less waste during the manufacturing process, added safety for workers at the site, and more convenient recycling.

During the casting of wind turbine tower foundations, large anchor bolts need to be protected from concrete so they are not damaged and, in turn, complicate the tower installation. DAFA’s initial solution for protecting these anchor bolts was made of Stratocell, a flexible, lightweight, and cost-effective material. In addition, this universal solution fitted most anchor bolt sizes.

However, our customer, an acknowledged wind turbine manufacturer, requested a new version of anchor bolt protection.

The second version, a PVC sleeve with an extended shaft, was even easier to install at the site, and it ensured even better protection of the anchor bolts during casting. 

Further benefits of the second version were added safety for the people who work on the tower foundation, as the bolts would be less exposed, and the material effectively absorbs shock.

Though PVC is recyclable, it can be a challenging process, making it a less desirable material to use. Therefore, we decided to continue the development process. Finally, our innovation department came up with a third version made of recyclable polyethylene (PE), which is as effective as the PVC version and fits all anchor bolt sizes. To make the recycling of our newest anchor bolt protection solution even more convenient, we have printed a recycling code on the product, guiding our customers on how to dispose of it responsibly. Read our interesting case below if you want to know more about material declarations and recycling codes on DAFA’s solutions.

Importantly, our newest anchor bolt protection solution contributes to our goal of 10% waste reduction annually. When producing the first version made of Stratocell, the material needed to be cut, which entailed a certain amount of waste. As we cast our current version in molds, we have substantially minimized the amount of waste during production.

Though we are proud of the journey of our anchor bolt protection solution, we believe that continuous innovation contributes to sustainability. Therefore, we strive to further enhance this solution in the future so it will grow more eco-friendly.

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Anchor bolt protection for the tower foundation of wind turbines

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At DAFA, we aim to enhance our use of recycled materials in our products and solutions.

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