Sustainability happens in cooperation


We strive to actively reduce our environmental impact

At DAFA, we combine decades of experience with a fundamental principle of sustainability in all our business decisions. From producing green energy using our own solar cells to recycling resources, we constantly challenge ourselves to get better at taking care of the environment.

DAFA has since 2010 been aligned with the UN Global Compact which is world’s largest sustainability initiative for organizations. Thereby, we obligate us to comply with the 10 principles of sustainability.

Manufacturing from an environmental perspective

We ensure that our production gets a lower environmental impact through continual improvements to our manufacturing processes.

We are constantly investigating new ways of optimizing our manufacturing processes, and always with an eye on the environment.

We comply with the REACH, RoHS and WEEE directives, and thereby aim to protect humans and the environment from hazardous and toxic chemicals. We also focus on waste management, and as much recycling and reuse as possible.

Our sustainability goals


“At DAFA, we combine decades of experience and technical insight with principles of sustainability in everything we do.

To become an even more responsible business, we have committed ourselves to a number of goals covering various social and environmental responsibilities. We consider these goals in all of our business decisions to create value for our customers, colleagues, and the environment.”

- Steen Bødtker, DAFA Group CEO

At DAFA, we constantly challenge ourselves to get better at taking care of the environment