Water Jet

A water jet makes it possible to cut any material.

Water Jet
water jet cut gasket

A water jet makes it possible to cut in virtually any material using clear pressurized water. The water is pressed through a nozzle at a pressure of up to 3000 bar.

The ability to vary the cutting angle and rapidly engage and disengage the water results in an almost infinite number of design options.

A water jet can also cut into several materials at once, using up to five nozzles, providing a cost-effective production method, to the benefit of the customer and suppliers.


  • Permits the delivery of pre-cut sheets, where finished components are held in place by micro-joints for easy handling
  • Cost-effective – especially in cases that do not require a specific surface treatment
  • No custom tools needed (CAM programming)
  • Can cut both foam and rubber in various thicknesses (up to 220 mm*), with and without adhesive

    *Other thicknesses and/or materials on request

Strong innovation team

Production in four countries – Denmark, China, Poland, and Italy

High-tech production equipment

Water jet 02
Water jet 03
Water jet 01

Water jet offers a wealth of possibilities

  • A water jet makes it possible to cut almost any material.

    A water jet creates an infinite number of design options.

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