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Pillowtalks Pillow

Three ambitious Danish students from Innovation and Entrepreneurship created the company PillowTalks. Initially, PillowTalks started as a project in one of their courses, but it grew to become a company with great potential.

The students wished to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that was made of 100% recycled materials. After visiting urban dining places, such as Street Food in Vejle and Aarhus, they came up with the idea of developing a comfortable, water-resistant, and durable pillow, created to enhance the experience of not only dining, but a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

This pillow posed several requirements in terms of quality and wear resistance, and all materials used needed to be 100% recycled.

Furthermore, as the pillow should be suitable for both inside and outside use, the selected materials should comply with this. PillowTalks contacted DAFA to find the right pillow stuffing, which needed to be comfortable to sit on yet resistant against moisture and wear. At DAFA, we advised them to use our excess closed-cell PE foam because it is suitable for pillow stuffing and protects against moisture and mold.

As DAFA is conscious about turning waste into valuable resources, we are used to transforming our foam waste to suit new purposes. Therefore, we decided to contribute to their start-up by supplying them with our foam waste. Also, DAFA has a great interest in supporting PillowTalks because it evolves around both innovation and sustainability, which are some of our core values. Furthermore, we prioritize supporting our local community whenever possible. We are excited to see how this initiative progresses in the future.




”We are thrilled and proud of our collaboration with DAFA, which is a company just as ambitious about sustainability and green innovation as we are. Together we will contribute towards a more sustainable future.”

– Jeppe, Frida & Natalie, PillowTalks

PillowTalks pillow
XPE foam
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