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Cookie policy

Cookies are used by virtually all websites today. In many cases, cookies may be necessary to provide a service on the website.

A cookie is a small data file that websites store on the user’s computer in order to recognize the computer. Cookies can be used, among other things, to compile statistics on the user’s use of the website.

A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information on the user’s computer or spread computer viruses or other malicious programs.

Cookies on
DAFA A/S uses cookies on to improve the user experience and monitor how the website is used. The information in the statistics is anonymous and cannot be attributed to named users.

We use the following types of cookies on

  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Google Analytics
  • DoubleClick by Google
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Favorit-cookie

Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing – search engine advertising

Cookies from Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing allow us to monitor the effect of ads displayed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. in connection with searches. These ads should ideally be as relevant as possible, and using cookies reveals whether users have reached the desired page, product, or information.

They also help to fine tune searches over time, so that the users’ searches become more effective.

Cookies from here can be used in remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network. Adwords cookies are stored for 30 days.

Google Analytics – User metrics

Google Analytics collects data about traffic on (first-party cookies), such as which pages and elements users use most on the site. The Web editing team uses these statistics from Google Analytics to improve how user-friendly is.

Facebook Pixel

The website uses a pixel that retrieves a cookie from Facebook into the user’s browser. This cookie is used to measure, optimize, and identify target groups for advertising purposes on Facebook. Facebook may, in certain cases, connect this data to the user’s Facebook profile, and use it for its own marketing purposes.

Favorit cookie

We aim to display the most relevant content possible to the user. We therefore allow users to choose which segment they are interested in. The user’s choice influences what content is displayed on our website.

Sharing or viewing content from social media
Our website has embedded content from social media, such as Youtube. These websites may leave behind cookies that we have no control over – ‘third-party cookies’. Embedded cookies may be left in your browser from the following third-party services. Follow the links to learn about how these services use cookies:

How do I remove cookies?
When you visit, you accept the use of cookies. However, you can always remove them afterwards by visiting this page: How to delete cookies

You can also remove unwanted cookies via your browser’s Internet settings.

How to reject or delete cookies

Rejecting cookies

You can reject cookies on your computer at any time by changing your browser settings. Where you find these settings depends on which browser you are using. Please note that if you do this there will be many functions and services you will be unable to use, because they are dependent on the website being able to remember the choices you have made.

Deleting cookies

It is easy to delete cookies you have previously accepted. If you use a PC with a recent browser version, you can delete your cookies using the following shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete

Why do we provide information on cookies?

All Danish websites are required to inform users which cookies are being stored on their equipment. The information must be in accordance with the Danish Statutory Order on information and consent requirements for storage and access to information in end-user terminal equipment.

▻ Link to the statutory order
▻ Link to a guide

Personal data policy

When you visit our website, we (DAFA A/S) only register personal data that you have provided to us directly. For example, by participating in a competition or survey, or registering for our newsletter.

Personally identifiable information will never be sold or disclosed to third parties, except where you have given us your consent in advance.

We record personal data for the purpose of giving our customers, and others with an interest in our company, the best possible service.

We record the following information

Contact information: Name, address, phone number, and email address. The reason we record this information is to enable us to send news information to anyone who expresses an interest in receiving it.

Protection of personal data

Under the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, your personal data must be kept secure and confidential. We store the personal data we have recorded in unencrypted form in databases. These are protected from unauthorized access, and our security systems are regularly checked to ensure that the information we have recorded about you is handled responsibly and in a way that respects your rights as a user. However, we cannot guarantee 100 percent security for data transfers over the Internet. This means that there may be a risk that unauthorized parties gain forced access to information when data is sent and stored electronically. You therefore make your personal data available to us at your own risk.

We store the recorded personal data for as long as is necessary in order to provide a good service to our visitors at If you have made a request to receive news and information from DAFA A/S by email or text message, we will store your data until you ask to be deleted from our database.

The rapid development of the Internet means that changes in our personal data policy may become necessary. We therefore reserve the right to update and amend these guidelines for the processing of personal data. If any significant changes are made, we will notify you by displaying a visible message on the website.

You always have the option to enquire about the data we have recorded about you. If the information or data we have recorded about you is found to be incorrect or misleading, you are entitled to demand that it be corrected, deleted or blocked. Under the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, you may object at any time to information about you being processed. You may also withdraw your consent at any time.

Third-party content, websites, services, etc.

The website may display, contain or make available content from multiple sources, including other users and third parties. We accept no responsibility and are not liable for such content from other users and/or third parties.
The website may contain links to other websites and services that we do not review. We are not responsible for such websites or services, or any interaction you may have with third parties through such websites or services. Your use of such websites or services is at your own discretion and may be subject to separate terms and conditions.

Intellectual property rights

All copyrights, domain names, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights used or displayed on the website are owned by us and our licensors.

Further questions

Please contact us on if you have any further questions about cookies or personal data on